A New Show in the Works!

Well, I haven't update this blog as often as I'd have liked, but I did want to make mention of a couple of new things on the horizon.

First of all, I'm honored to announce I was voted "Birmingham Magician of the Year" again for 2018 by the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 35! It means a lot to me to win this award and I can't want to show you some of the magic I performed this past year to win it!

I'm working on my follow-up book to Ignore the Impossible: Problem-Solving with a Magician's Mindset. The first draft is almost done with my intention to have it out later this year. This one focuses on leadership. And yes, we are approaching it with a magical slant again.

I'm also working on a new show for this summer. If it works as planned, I can safely say you've probably never seen a show like it before...at least, not on purpose. I'm in the process now of carefully crafting and polishing new original effects for it.

My shows have always been crafted specifically from material I personally love to perform. Each trick has a specific purpose in the show, and I don't do tired old stuff just because it's easy. I want the challenge of the "this could go horribly wrong" moment in it all to keep it interesting.

This new show will be no exception, but this one will be done "without a net". This will be close-up magic done on a grand scale as I try to figure out how to take effects that were originally created small and turn them into something a large crowd can enjoy together. That means there is a lot of room for things to go wrong, and folks will notice if they do...but that's part of the challenge! This one will be a whole lot of fun!

Thanks for being a part of this magical journey with me! Drop me a line sometime and say hey!


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