From weddings and corporate events, to private parties and trade shows, Brian will provide the perfect magical moments for the occasion!

"The magic was awesome!  Also, your humor and positive flow to the set was a nice touch!  If anyone has a special occasion or gathering, this guy is the real deal! It's worth every penny!"


M. Argent

"Brian provided entertainment at our wedding, and he was amazing. He was a consummate professional in every way and kept our guests enthralled the whole time. I did not know what to expect, having never booked a magician before, but it turned out to be the perfect choice for our special day. His magic is spectacular; I still can't get over the card trick he did for us at the end of the night. We had guests ranging in age from 2 - 90 years, but Brian was able to 'tweak' his magic on a dime to fit the situation throughout the entire night. I honestly can't recommend him enough." 
- Matt Houston



Often during the reception, there are lulls in the entertainment — while photos are being taken, before the meal is served, and throughout the reception. Even during the music and dancing, many guests simply sit at their tables watching. Wedding Magic is a fun and elegant way to engage everyone: out-of-town friends, grumpy grandparents, bored teens and everyone in between. Magic brings people together, an unexpected and memorable form of entertainment that appeals to everyone. 


Brian can mingle with your guests at their individual tables or in groups and make the moments fly by for your guests.


Birmingham magician Brian Reaves

Private Parties


From a small private party to a corporate banquet of thousands, Brian's strolling magic fits most any event. Whether during a cocktail hour, a formal dinner, an outdoor festival, or any number of events, Brian will mingle with the crowd and share his magic up close and personal.


Party guests often have a wide range of musical tastes and other interests, but well-performed magic appeals to all ages and personalities. One significant benefit of close-up magic is that it does not require the attention of the entire crowd at one time. Brian strolls around to individual tables and small groups of people, tailoring his presentation to suit each group. He can perform during socializing time, and occasionally even during other forms of entertainment.


Traditional venues for  strolling magic include corporate banquets, wedding receptions, VIP suites, holiday parties, and private events of all sorts. This is the magic that has made Brian one of the most acclaimed magicians in the Birmingham area today.


Birmingham Alabama magician Brian Reaves

Corporate Events


Whether you are wanting to draw attention to your booth in a trade show or wanting to really impress some new clients while they are in town, magic can make the difference.


Brian can draw a crowd to your trade show booth, attracting potential leads and clients who might otherwise have missed you in the mass of information around them. Magic can be tailored to your specific product or logo as well, keeping your brand in the forefront of everything happening.


For the after-hours party, Brian can mingle with your guests, keeping them entertained and laughing. Whether strolling from group to group, or sitting down at the table with your clients and entertaining them, Brian will make the night something your clients will remember.


If you are holding a meeting, you want the attention of all your participants. Magic can grab their attention at the onset and prepare your group for learning and listening. Brian will help start or close your meeting on a note your participants won't forget.


Birmingham magician

Parlor and Stage Shows


Brian's stage presence is unparalleled in the area. Equally at home on stage in a comedy club or a banquet hall, Brian's number one goal is to make sure every guest leaves having a good time and feeling like they were part of the show in some way. 


The Parlor Show is specifically tailored to intimate gatherings of 30-70 people, and showcases moments of amazing magic, mentalism, sleight of hand, and comedy. The family-friendly show is perfect for any event.


The Stage Show includes bigger illusions in a show perfectly suited for crowds of 100 or more. The show is tailored to the stage design of your venue, meaning certain illusions may not be available for the event. Contact us for more information.


Birmingham magician

Children's and Church Shows


If you are wanting to keep a group of kids entertained, magic is the answer. Brian has a show for that. Perfect for large classroom gatherings or smaller parties, the show entertains while making the children an active part of everything happening. 


If you want to present a Gospel message in a unique way, magic can make it memorable. Brian uses clear, concise illusions to make the point. The message truly is more important than the method in this case, and that message is treated with respect while being presented in a way your congregation may have never considered before.


"Just wanted to follow up with you and thank you for coming out to Bethel! Our folks loved your show, and I have had a couple of our leaders ask for your contact so they could have you back at their specific events! Thanks for serving well and using your talents to share the gospel. You are a blessing."
Dan Nelson, Bethel Baptist 

Restaurant and Strolling


A successful restaurant has satisfied customers who want to come back. When you customers are having to wait on a table or on their food, their satisfaction level can drop. Rather than have them wait on more bread to munch on while their meal is prepared, why not amaze them with some magic that involves the whole table?


Working with your wait staff (rather than competing with them for table time), Brian will visit the tables during the "down time" and keep your customers entertained. Even if there is a delay with the order, the customers won't notice as much when they are being treated to a personal magic show.


With over twenty-five years experience in the restautant industry, Brian has the understanding of what keeps your customers happy and what needs to be done to make their experience with your restaurant a positive one.

Birmingham Alabama magician Brian Reaves