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The Shows

Brian has a show for every event! It's a perfect fit for any gathering you have planned. Magic can turn any event into something truly memorable.

"Brian was great. Everyone at the Holiday party enjoyed his show and was amazed. He delivered exactly what he said he would. I would definitely hire him again. Great job!"


Shirley E.


Brian Reaves, Birmingham magician

The Mentalist


Can someone really read your mind? Brian will have you believing he can in this show. One hour of solid mentalism using everyday objects or no props at all.

But this isn't all heavy and serious. Infusing comedic moments with spectacular mentalism, this show will leave you wondering how much was just a show, and how much was actually real.

Perfect for a thrilling evening's event, this show plays for any size crowd of 10 or more, and is for ages 13+.


Birmingham magician Brian Reaves

The Comedy Magic Show


If you are looking for an evening of laughs and magic, this is the one!

Recently sold-out at the Stardome in Birmingham, this show is a solid 90 minutes of quick wit and faster hands. Amazing magic infused with fun and laughter makes this a show you won't want to miss. It's perfect for everything from a corporate retreat to a family reunion!

This show plays for any size crowd of 10 or more and is for ages 13+. There is no profanity or adult humor, but some of the effects may be a bit too intense for younger children.


Birmingham Alabama magician Brian Reaves

"Ignore the Impossible"

- The Corporate Show


"I had a great time. After talking to several people, I think we were in “AWE” and speechless during your magic presentation. You were awesome." - S. Tate, The Southern Company

Brian is one of the most sought-after magic motivational speakers in the Birmingham area, and this show is the reason why.

Using illusions to illustrate his message, Brian presents an hour long show dealing with "Ignore the Impossible - How To Solve Impossible Problems".

From reaching ambitious sales goals to putting together a winning team, this message is for any employee that has ever found themselves tasked to go beyond the "difficult" to the "impossible". Brian shows how many "impossible things" really aren't that impossible when you just use a magician's mindset.

Examples that will stun your audience are guaranteed to keep their attention for the duration of the show. If your company is facing an uphill climb this year, Brian will get your people ready to meet the challenge.

Please note that the show can be customized with your company's logo, slogans, etc.

Powerful Words-

The College Show


Words have power that most people never consider. Think of how you feel with you hear the words "disappointment", "failure", and "mistake". Now think of how you feel when you hear the words "beautiful", "proud of you", and "perfect". Those emotions show the strength of the right words at the moment.


This show demonstrates the power of words. Just as a magician uses the right words to create the perfect moment of magic, you can find the right words for your own situation. Everyone can learn to see themselves in a new light, regardless of the words spoken to them or about them their whole lives.

Using magic to help illustrate the message, Brian brings home a powerful truth: words can be weapons to tear down or tools to build up.

This one-hour show is geared toward a college-aged audience, but can be adapted equally well for a corporate environment or just about any other group.


Birmingham magician
Birmingham magician
"Just wanted to follow up with you and thank you for coming out to Bethel. Our folks loved your show, and I have had a couple of our leaders ask for your contact so they could have you back at their specific events! Thanks for serving well and using your talents to share the gospel. You are a blessing."
Dan Nelson, Bethel Baptist 

"Transformed" and "Choices"-

The Church Shows


"Transform" - the changing of one thing to something altogether different. Our lives can be transformed through the power of Christ. "Choice" - a decision made that has the opportunity to forever shape our life.

Brian is not only a motivational speaker, but he is also an ordained minister with over 25 years of ministry under his belt. Through a combination of illusions and a powerful message, Brian illustrates the life-changing message of the Gospel. 

Both are programs for your entire church, or for any evangelistic outreach service. It includes a lot of audience involvement with thrilling magic to go along with the message.

Birmingham magician Brian Reaves


-The Close-Up Experience


Brian is an award-winning close-up magician, taking home the "Close-Up Champion 2016" award at the WCM. His close-up skills are unparalled in the area and he draws each person into the experience. It is an evening of wonder experienced by everyone--including the magician himself.

Using cards, coins, and other things, Brian takes your group for a magical ride filled with laughter and astonishment. You will see award-winning close-up that will leave you speechless while giving you something to talk about.

Due to the intimate nature of the show, this plays best for groups of 15 or less. If requested for a larger event, Brian can move from table to table performing portions of the show for each group.

If there is room at the venue, a camera and projector can be set up to broadcast the show on screen for larger groups.

Birmingham Alabama magician Brian Reaves

"Pure Imagination"

- The Kid's Show


"We at Pell City Library, could not be happier with Brian’s performance for our Teens and Tweens! He is a natural entertainer, and his show is the perfect combination of magic and comedy! One of our best programs of the year! We hope to have him back very soon!" - Kelly Cardenas, Pell City Library


Perfect for a library, church, or school, "Pure Imagination" takes the kids on a magical journey that keeps the kids laughing!

The show is 30-60 minutes long, depending upon the event. It can be customized to include your logo, reading program, church camp theme, etc.

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