Back to the CEPA!

It's that time of year again when I head back to the CEPA in my hometown of Pell City for another great show with some of my friends from the Magic City Magic Club. This show is a highlight of September for me, with this being our fourth year doing the show. It's all brand new this time out, and I've had a blast working on new material for it!

This year has a special treat for me as I will be working the VIP show at 6pm before the main show at 7pm. The VIP show is a 30 minute private close-up show for VIP ticket holders It's a great opportunity to really interact with a group of folks up-close with magic on a smaller scale than the stage show.

My first love is close-up magic, though I've drifted more toward larger shows in the past few months. I decided for this show to pull out all the stops and bring out some brand new material so anyone who had seen me perform before would still have fun. I think this will fit the bill, as I'm performing some effects I've been working on off-and-on for months now but never shown to anyone. This show is so secret, my wife hasn't even seen any of the effects yet (she's my test audience, so she will).

As for the main show, I'll be breaking out new material there as well. It was my decision early on when planning this show that there would be no repeats. I want folks who came in previous years to see something new and I'm hoping this fits the bill. While it's always a little nerve-wracking to perform new material in front of an audience, it's also exciting and I hope that excitement will come across to the folks as the show progresses.

Tickets are still on sale now at the Pell City Center website, so come out and join us for a magical night of family fun!

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