Limitless Imagination

Birmingham magician Brian Reaves

One of the things that constantly draws me to magic is the moment when the magic happens and the reaction the spectator has at that moment. I am talking about that exact second something disappears from my hand completely, or a card that shouldn't be there actually shows up, or whatever. That one exact second is when a spectator thinks--maybe even for just a moment--that maybe the way they've viewed reality is wrong.

Now I understand people may not truly believe I made their card disappear from the deck completely or predicted some choice they would make days in advance, but there's just that shade of doubt that gets cast on their world. Some people willingly embrace the illusion, looking forward to the possibility that magic does exist. Others remain skeptical through every second, refusing to be fooled even if they can't explain it.

In that unexplainable moment, anything can happen.

Now imagine who you would be if you lived in that moment indefinitely.

You see, we allow life to define our boundaries for us. Maybe our upbringing says we will always be this type of person. Maybe our friends remind us of constant failures in our past that make it impossible for us to see ourselves as anything else but a loser. Maybe we allow some decision in our past to forever define who we are and will be.

But what if you'd never heard of those boundaries. What if there was no framework around your life telling you "This is how far you can go and no further"?

A frame defines the limits of a painting. No one ever puts a frame around the middle of a painting. No true artist puts a frame on a painting and then keeps taking it down to work on the painting again. A frame is put on a finished work of art.

But there is no frame on you because you aren't finished yet. As long as you are drawing breath, you can change. You can become a better person, stronger, smarter, kinder, than you were yesterday. Don't let any framework someone else has put around your life forever define you.

Live in that magic moment where anything is possible...and act like it. Become the person you wish you were.

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