Magic in the Magic City

People ask what it's like to be a magician in the "Magic City" (which is what Birmingham is called). And to answer your question: it's a lot of fun!

Besides the obvious jokes of being a "Magic City Magician", I've found that folks in Birmingham are, for the most part, excited to see magic performed wherever they can.

This past weekend I was having lunch with one of my fellow magicians named Brandon in town and he was showing me some incredible work he was doing with Rubik's Cube magic, doing instant solves and such. While we were sitting there, the waitress came up and saw my friend with the mixed up cube. She asked, "Do you know how to solve one of those?" He looked at me with a smile and I said, "Show her what you can do." He stuck the mixed up cube in the bag, snapped his fingers, and immediately pulled out the solved cube. She went nuts over it, because it really looks like magic.

I performed at a private event at Topgolf last weekend and the folks just kept coming back for more. They loved it, and they would bring friends over to see a card trick or "That thing with the coins". Their laughs and excitement made it genuinely fun to perform, which helped me. Believe it or not, magicians feed off the excitement (or lack thereof) from the crowd. The more fun you are having, the more fun we want to give you!

So the main point here is: never be afraid to ask a magician to show you a trick. I promise we probably have something ready to go and are just waiting on the invitation.

A lot of big things happening in the Magic City this year for magic. I'll be at the McWane Center this March 16th for their "The Science of Luck" event for "McWane After Dark" at 6pm. I'll be demonstrating some gambling routines and a couple of tricks you won't believe, so make sure you come if you can.

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